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Building a Legacy of Impact



For decades, DTS faculty and staff have set a high bar by teaching truth with excellence and investing in the lives of our students. You are the heartbeat of the Seminary and embody the core values we hold dearly. Students continually list the exemplary faculty as the main reason for attending DTS. You are part of the legacy of DTS, and we ask you to help ensure that legacy continues well into the future.

The Dallas Theological Seminary faculty, staff, students, and alumni are invited to help build the next generation of servant-hearted leaders.



What is the Bridge Fund?

A $750,000 “Bridge Fund” has been designated to help recruit the next generation of critical faculty and staff positions.


It takes time to find the best match for faculty roles, and it is important to hire a well-qualified candidate before the current faculty member has retired. This bridge between faculty allows time for the baton to pass to the incoming faculty, allowing them to start strong in their new roles. The same is true for key staff positions. Your support will fulfill the vision of engaging future DTS faculty and staff while preserving our rich heritage as we move forward into the next century.

One generation shall commend your works to another, and shall declare your mighty acts.

Psalm 145:4


Black Background

In 2009, DTS launched a series of three $100 million comprehensive campaigns that would raise support to train ministry leaders in the truth of God’s faithful Word and to send them out to proclaim it worldwide. The first two campaigns exceeded their goal by God’s grace and the remarkable outpouring of support from the Seminary’s donors.


Our current campaign, the third in our series, was launched in 2020 and culminates in our Centennial year in 2024. Due to the generosity and support demonstrated during the two previous campaigns, we prayerfully set the goal for the third campaign at $160 million. In an overwhelming response, our donors exceeded $145 million in giving in the first two years. We are grateful for such outstanding support! As new opportunities arise for global expansion and the cost of campus renovations continues to increase for our capital projects, our goal has been raised to $200 million to help us share God’s Word with God’s world.

Join Us

in Building a Way for Our Next Generation

Praying Together
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