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God's Word for God's World

We have been overwhelmed at the success of the God’s Word for God’s World Centennial Campaign. Truly, the Lord has done immeasurably more than we could’ve asked or imagined. It is our deepest joy to invite you, the members of our faculty, to play an integral role in building the Bridge Fund for the next generation of DTS faculty and staff.


You will set the challenge pace for staff, students, and alumni who will follow you!

Voices Building a Legacy

Dr. Glenn Kreider
Dr. Dorian Coover-Cox
Marvin Hunn
Dr. John Hannah_Speaking_Edited_v02.png

“We have come to live in a nation that is traumatized by vast cultural, social, and intellectual disorientation resulting in a massive reorientation of values. To speak meaningfully into this emergent generation, to grapple with and find hope for the future, we must train a new generation of men and women who possess the skills and insights to speak relevantly in this time of unprecedented change. We must have a new generation of teachers in our Seminary who can mentor students to face a world that we were not methodologically trained to encounter. 

 My greatest desire is that we, as the faculty, will serve the students by being models of the Christ who loved us and gave Himself up for us, that they will see the example of 'Christ in and through us.'” 

Dr. John Hannah

Distinguished Professor of Historical Theology

Research Professor of Theological Studies


“DTS has set a course towards exponential global impact. If indeed that is our journey, its fulfillment will centrally rest on the caliber of our faculty. We cannot miss an opportunity to help assure their contribution towards our future.” 

Dr. Michael Ortiz

Global Ministries


"A faculty mentor brought me into department meetings and the classes he taught, even inviting me to teach. He modeled being even more righteous in private than in public—which helped shape me both into being a better professor and becoming a more devoted Christ-follower. The Bridge Fund makes possible such mentoring. Because at DTS, we’re not just filling jobs. Through the works of the Spirit, we’re helping to make disciples."

Dr. Sandra Glahn

Media Arts and Worship

Dr. Pierre-Cannings_v01.jpg

"Discipleship is fundamental to the growth and development of the Christian faith. Duplicating the teaching of the Bible is necessary for the continuation of the gospel. The Bridge Fund provides an opportunity for the teachings to be passed down in alignment and authority of the inspired Word of God."

Dr. Pierre Cannings

Dean of DTS-Houston


"DTS faculty can make a difference in a campaign through active participation. Their generosity to give to the Bridge Fund will inspire not only other faculty members but also students. When students see faculty dedication to the institution's mission, a culture of generosity is cultivated within DTS. In the process of developing a culture that through His grace will permeate into their family

and ministry."

Dr. Michael Balbier

Dean of Distance Education

Dr. Joseph-Lee_v01.jpg

"I feel honored to be a part of an institution that, for one hundred years, has provided students with formative biblical and theological training to serve the church. Continuity is crucial for the mission of DTS, and the Bridge Fund helps ensure the continual building of the faculty to equip students for kingdom service."

Dr. Joseph Lee

Theological Studies


"DTS faculty members have significant influence over the seminary family by setting an example for them to follow. Our constituents take note of what we think is important. When asked to financially support the mission and vision of DTS, many will ask, 'What commitment has the faculty made?' We all need to lead by example."

Dr. Jay Sedwick

Educational Ministries

and Leadership

Dr. Joye-Baker_v01.jpg

"There is no better way to preserve the values of DTS than for our faculty to be involved with training and mentoring the next generation of seminary professors. By donating to the Faculty Campaign, we each have the opportunity to invest in the future of DTS and more successfully pass the baton to those who will come after us."

Dr. Joye Baker

Educational Ministries

and Leadership

Dr. John-Adair_v01.jpg

"I am grateful for the ongoing commitment at DTS to orthodoxy in both word and deed as we prepare men and women for the work of the ministry."

Dr. John Adair

Theological Studies


"When I joined the faculty almost a quarter century ago, our department chair Michael Lawson provided a stellar launch by coaching me for three years. Now I have the privilege of walking with my future replacement as she ramps up to equip future leaders. Giving to the Bridge Fund will provide this opportunity for other future faculty. I can’t think of a better investment to ultimately strengthen God’s work here and worldwide and bring Him glory!"

Dr. Sue Edwards

Educational Ministries

and Leadership


"Barnabas. Paul. Timothy. The continuation of truth from one generation to the next is essential for the continuation of our faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. A practical mentorship is necessary for us to continue into our next millennium, and the Bridge Fund allows DTS, in a unique way, to have our Barnabas, those who have taught for many years, continue alongside our Pauls who have experience and many years yet to come, to mentor our Timothys, the next generation who are just beginning to serve our Lord."

Dr. Rodney Orr

Dean of DTS-Washington, DC


"I’m both excited and encouraged by the Bridge Fund Campaign. As a campus dean and newer member of the DTS faculty, I’ve experienced first-hand the benefits of new faculty being shepherded by our amazing veteran faculty. The Bridge Fund Campaign continues DTS’s legacy of placing people at the heart of Teaching Truth and Loving Well. The resources generated by the campaign will facilitate not only the recruitment of world-class Godly servant leaders to the seminary, but also will prepare them to better meet the needs of our students."

Dr. Jake Gross

Dean of DTS-Atlanta


"The Bridge Fund will allow DTS to carefully select and mentor the future torchbearers of our institution, preserving the legacy of DTS and ensuring our impact resonates powerfully for generations to come. It's an investment not only in the growth of this institution but also in the lives that will be transformed by the education and discipleship that DTS provides. Together, we can empower the next generation of leaders to impact the

world for Christ."

Dr. Ekpedeme Wade

Counseling Ministries

Bridge Fund Campaign

Raised to Date

GOAL $750,000

Invitation to Prayer

Join Us

in Building a Way for Our Next Generation

Praying Together
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