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God's Word for God's World

We have been overwhelmed by the success of the God’s Word for God’s World Centennial Campaign. Truly, the Lord has done immeasurably more than we could’ve asked or imagined. It is our deepest joy to invite you, the members of our staff, to play an integral role in building the Bridge Fund and inspire our students and alumni who will follow you. You have set a high bar in propelling the mission of DTS forward.


Your support will fulfill the vision of engaging future DTS faculty and staff while preserving our rich heritage as we move forward into our next century.

Voices Building a Legacy

Adrian Pina
Glenn Monro
Jennifer Pina
Debbie Stevenson
Luke Spencer

“We have experienced firsthand the nurturing and supportive atmosphere that encourages personal and spiritual development. The passion and dedication of the staff and faculty, driven by their unwavering faith, inspire us to strive for greatness and make a positive difference in the lives of others. This profound inspiration fuels our determination to support DTS, ensuring its continued success in transforming lives through education and faith."

Caroline & Brandon Smiley

Media Production


"Mentoring gives the protégé a secure foundation. It’s a relationship that allows even shortcomings and failures to be set within the right context, fostering a learning environment that always builds toward success. Cultivating that kind of relationship is an expression of the loving community that all Christians are called to."

Neil Coulter

Marketing & Communications


"Working in the alumni office I see the enormous impact alumni have around the world in many ways and in many lives. The fund is one way to continue the influence of DTS into the future. Acquiring new faculty committed to training students will help to ensure that continuing influence. Giving to DTS is a way of saying thank you to the Lord for what he’s doing here."

Greta Birtell

Alumni Office


"I feel honored to be a part of an institution that, for one hundred years, has provided students with formative biblical and theological training to serve the church. Continuity is crucial for the mission of DTS, and the bridge fund helps ensure the continual building of the faculty to equip students for kingdom service."

David Largent

Information Technology


"The DTS staff, with unwavering diligence, exemplify a steadfast commitment to their work, tasks, and customer service. It is abundantly clear that they wholeheartedly believe in the mission and vision of DTS. Their consistent dedication ensures that every aspect of our experience at DTS is met with exceptional care and support."

Chanel Turner



"Through the years, as a student and staff member, I was able to witness an ideal blueprint of how the body of Christ is to work. The ability to instill commitment to a bigger cause, to build each other up, to encourage the use of our gifting for the sake of the Body are integral parts of my experiences with DTS. The Bridge Fund will help us to pass the skills of what I've learned as staff to the next generation, as this may serve as a key to helping DTS grow the next generation in truth and serving well."

Sunny Park

Advising DTS - DC


"My greatest hope for our students would be that their time at DTS would allow God to work in their lives. The degree is, of course, important, but the life transformation that can happen during this brief time is far more valuable to our lives as ambassadors for Christ."

Jacob Beck

Global Ministries


"Both of us are beneficiaries of a commitment to discipleship by the late Drs. Willie Bolden and Bruce Fong. Without their investment of time and attention, neither of us would have been able to flourish so quickly at DTS-Houston. Legacy is a perspective of generational leadership, and we each strive to model what we learned on this campus from these spiritual giants. The Bridge Fund will allow employees like us to pass on learned skillsets in an environment of dedicated co-laboring. It is an honor to continue Dr. Fong’s and Dr. Bolden’s legacy of mentorship for the next generation at DTS-Houston."

Rachel & Jay Mathew

 Executive Asst. to the Dean

Director of Student Success


Bridge Fund Campaign

Raised to Date

GOAL $750,000


Invitation to Prayer

Join Us

in Building a Way for Our Next Generation

Praying Together
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